For these talents the environment, cruelty free brands, consciousness and sustainability are key. They want to spread their message and change the world into a better place. The sustainable squad is able to translate sustainability into a new and appealing lifestyle. With their sophisticated look, vision and knowledge they can create great campaigns and exposure with a sustainable twist.


Instagram reach: @ninapierson 35,2K

Engagement per post (average): 1,5K Likes (ER 6,9%)

How would we describe Nina? It's impossible to nail her down, as this multitasker seems to be everywhere. She's a co-founder of SLA and Bedrock & Sunny's, the mother of Ella and Bodi, a spokesperson, a presenter (on- and offline), and she shares her strong beliefs on a healthy lifestyle, spirituality, sustainability, and how we should treat our earth and everything that lives on it. While Nina covers a lot of niche markets and has a lot of interests, her followers trust her credibility and what she stands for.

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Instagram reach: @JORS_TRULY 28,9K

Engagement per post (average): 837 LIKES (ER 4,5%)

An entrepreneur, content-maker and model with a strong focus on sustainability. He is passionate about making the world a better place. Jordy uses his Instagram account as a platform were he combines his intellectual capabilities, modeling experience and love for the planet to raise awareness for the environment. Therefore he works exclusively with brands which are focused on this. With his creative drive Jordy is able to build bridges between brands and sustainability. A true inspiration! 

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Instagram reach: @stephaniebroek 69,1K

Engagement per post (average): 2,5K LIKES (ER 5,7%)

Youtube subscribers: 3,9K

Youtube views (average): 8,4K

This girl has got the X-factor! She is pro-sustainability, feminist, vegan and effortlessly cool. Stephanie Broek has a vlog on YT in which she shows her life as a fashion journalist and influencer, and is rocking the gram with niche & cool (fashion) content. She’s not only kind to animals & our planet, but everyone she meets will immediately fall for this tiny, quirky & happy babe.

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