Meet the experts of the industry. Their clear vision, experience and eye for detail makes them stand out of the crowd. With their background in fashion and/or beauty these talents can offer your brand a dose of creativity and high quality content creation.



Instagram reach: @clAIRErose 358K 

Engagement per post (average): 15,3K likes (ER 6,6%)

Facebook reach: 1,7K

Her content is dreamy & inspiring, her connection with her following strong & warm. This business babe knows what she’s doing and does everything with a big smile. No surprise she won an ELLE Style Award, she was already twice a cover model and many (media) brands love to work with her.

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Instagram reach: @nicole_huisman 53,5K 

Engagement per post (average): 1K likes (ER 3,1%)

With a clear signature style, Nicole approaches fashion in an identifiable way. Something that you don’t often come across and which sets her apart from the rest. As well as her work as a stylist, Nicole inspires a large following on her Instagram. @nicole_huisman became a portfolio for all of Nicole’s creative activities. Be it style-shots, backstage sneak peeks or her adventurous travels, everything she does, lives within the context of fashion & style.

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Instagram reach: @YARA_MICHELS 170K 

Engagement per post (average): 5,4K likes (ER 4,9%)

Youtube subscribers: 36K
Youtube views (AVERAGE): 20,8K

Editor in Chief, TV host, Instagram babe, Youtuber, this power babe has got it all! People not only love working with her because of her great sense of humour and big smile, she is also an example for many young women, as she strives for women empowerment and equality. With her creative input and entrepreneurial mindset, Yara can offer brands a total package of great idea's, execution and results.

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Instagram reach: @stephaniebroek 69,1K

Engagement per post (average): 2,5K LIKES (ER 5,7%)

Youtube subscribers: 3,9K

Youtube views (average): 8,4K

This girl has got the X-factor! She is pro-sustainability, feminist, vegan and effortlessly cool. Stephanie Broek has a vlog on YT in which she shows her life as a fashion journalist and influencer, and is rocking the gram with niche & cool (fashion) content. She’s not only kind to animals & our planet, but everyone she meets will immediately fall for this tiny, quirky & happy babe.

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Instagram reach: @celine_bernaerts 169K

Engagement per post (average): 9,1K likes (ER 4,2%)

Instagram videos reach (average): 52,5K

Youtube subscribers: 4,9K

Youtube (average) reach: 2,1K

Not only great behind the scenes as a kick-ass make-up artist, but the camera loves this boldie too. Put happy vibes, a hint of rock & roll and loads of talent together and you have Celine. In every post you’ll find some make-up inspiration, but next to beauty she also rocks lifestyle and fashion content.

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Instagram reach: @evelilie 69,1K

Engagement per post (average): 4,2K likes (ER 9,4%)

There’s a new kid ruling the gram. This rookie and little sister of Claartje Rose is growing rapidly and has an engagement rate to die for. No surprise as her content is fresh & bubbly. This is just the beginning for Eve Lilie, so keep your belts fastened and see for yourself.

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Instagram reach: @SABRINA.MEIJER 103K

Engagement per post (average): 741 likes (ER 2,1%)

As both a photographer and influencer, and being in the industry for over a decade, Sabrina understands (social media) imagery like no other. With her niche way of taking and creating images, she tries to bring something fresh to the table in a world that can sometimes feel a bit oversaturated. Her style is best described as Scandinavian cool with a touch of street. 

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