L’AGENCY proudly represents the cream of the crop of Dutch content creators and influencers with a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle who have a large – international – reach on social media. Our talents all have their individual approach and appeal and every one of them stands out in their particular chosen field. Although there is always a link to fashion, they vary in style and focus, but what unites our talents is that they are all at the top of their game. 


At L’AGENCY we know one thing for sure: cold statistics never paint the whole picture and it’s genuine engagement that really counts. That’s why we focus on personal attention and strategic coaching for our talents. And that’s why we only join forces with brands with whom there is a real match and connection, creating meaningful collaborations that serve both parties to the max. 


L’AGENCY is well equipped and has the experience to respond to developments in this rapidly changing media landscape. The small, but dedicated team, who earned their stripes both in the print market (at ELLE and Cosmopolitan) and influencer management & marketing and PR, is always on top of new trends. This makes L’AGENCY a leading player in the influencer marketing business.




Lena Sommerdijk

Founder & Agent


Spirited and the life and soul of any party.

Loves: excel

Hates: tourists on bikes 

Ruby Franken

Project Manager & Agent


Dedicated, classy and organisational genius.

Loves: sweet dessert wines

Hates: everything with gluten

Britt Wirtz

Press Assistant


Enthusiastic and loves ticking off her to do lists.

Loves: magazines

Hates: wet socks